Filmmaker / Video Artist / Dancer

Born in South Africa to German parents, Kathi has been a global nomad right from the start. Raised in Africa and Europe she also lived in China studying mandarin and oriental painting, and later studied film in New York. Currently she lives in Brazil.

For the past 18 years, Kathi has been filming and archiving dance films/footage and audio/visual recordings of tribal dance, rituals, and nature imagery. Kathi has made several short films, VJ'd extensively internationally and produced many multi media shows. "Footsteps in Africa", was her feature film debut: www.footstepsafrica.com.

Kathi's work draws upon the power of the eternal present. She aims to portray the strength and inspiration of every isolated instance. Her work mirrors the alchemy of human behavior, exploring the archetypes of existence, and creating a dialogue with habits, rituals and unconscious behaviors.

Kathi is the director of
KiahKeya productions founded in 2004, which serves to inform and disseminate art, creativity and spirituality for the purpose of cross cultural and environmental equality and tolerance. Kathi has worked on projects with the Bushmen tribe of southern Africa, and the Xawante who live in Brazil, the Tamashek Nomads of the Sahara, the Zulu of Southern Africa, the Lakota of the US, and many more indigenous native tribes. Kathi searched to explore the universality of dance as an art form, and our connection to the earth. 

Kathi has danced all her life. Dance for her is the healing and connecting force to align with the spirit of Mother Nature.

Together she has been dancing and working with Atsushi Takenouchi, Japanese Butoh dancer for 15 years. The film "Ridden by Nature" was a project shot over a time span of 8 years.

The film “Ridden by Nature” is a tribute to the elements that compose the earth, bringing to the forefront the currently strained relationship of humanity with the earth’s ecology in hopes to inspire state and community action in response to the current environmental crisis. ‘Ridden by Nature’ witnesses the immense power of the earth’s biosphere through the art of film, dance and music, revealing the fierce and sacred existence of these visually stunning environments.